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Welcome to Into The Floo! A website dedicated to vintage Harry Potter merchandise and the retro Harry Potter world! A place where long time fans, collectors or new comers can visit to find resources, articles and products on Harry Potter toys and the TCG. 


My name is Mona Morsy, like many others who have discovered the incredible world of Harry Potter, I have been a fan of the magical universe since the day I picked up the books as a young kid.  My favorite parts from this world to discover are the vintage items from the pre-film era which included toys, boardgames, pop-up books and the amazing Harry Potter TCG! 


I have been lucky enough to write articles for various websites and magazines on the topic of the Harry Potter TCG and treated toys as well as having a lot of fun with making videos for my YouTube Channel of the same name. I hope to make this site a hub for vintage Harry Potter merchandise hunters and fans of the bygone Wizarding world. 

Feel free to explore the site! 

In Fourish & Blotts, you will find articles written by me on various topics from the Harry Potter TCG to vintage Harry Potter toys. Articles will be released regularly on varying topics. This is a great place for new comers to visit and read about top 10's and deck techs! 


In Twilfitt & Tattings, you'll be able to buy ready made decks for the Harry Potter TCG Dueling League - if you're not already in the Discord then please make your way to the Harry Potter TCG Dueling League tab and join us where we play weekly with wizards and witches around the world. You can also purchase t-shirts, custom playmats and other items for sale.


The Pensive holds some videos from my YouTube and other exclusive videos for this website.


Take a look around, have fun and thanks for stopping by.