Getting started with any collection can be fun and adventurous, at times it can also be a daunting task. There are so many items to collect and learn about and its easy to get lost in the process. Ive created this section to help ease your way into collecting the Harry Potter TCG by providing check lists for each expansion as well as for the promos, booster boxes and starter decks. You can print these off and check the cards you have or you can save it to your desktop and do it from there! 

I will also work on some deck techs and check off lists for those interested in playing the game. The decks i'll list and review will be written about in Flourish & Blotts and some will even be for purchase in Twilfitt & Tattings. Have fun!

*If you don't see a section listed below, it will be available shortly as im still working on uploading them. Thanks for your patience.